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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  July 27, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. a police chase in the east bay starts us off here tonight.
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officers are chasing three gang members likely responsible for a rampage of violence that spans two states. they are believed, of course, to be armed. 20 highway patrol cars are on the move tonight. the chase may have also started in east palo alto and hit union city before going north on 880 into oakland and down 980 over 580 through castro valley and liver more before heading due east. two days ago the police chief asked for the public help identifying the gang members. the crime spree includes three murders. two in east palo alto and one in grand junction, colorado along with two armed robberies and oneburg willry. the suspects are 20-year-old christian fuentes who is in custody. police want the public help in finding 19-year-old jamie cardenas and fidel silva who police believe they are chasing. we have a reporter on the way and we will update the story as it develops throughout this
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newscast. an ongoing police chase of suspected gang themes stretching more than three freeways that the point and happening even as we speak. more to come on that. well, moving on. game show host alex trebek faced real jeopardy in san francisco this morning. insert winds up in hospital. question, what happens when alex trebek chases burglar. and the suspect is talking. >> reporter: alex trebek described the horror of waking up to an intruder in his downtown hotel room this week and the woman who was arrested says it wasn't her. >> at 2:30 yesterday morning chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel until my achilles tendon ruptured and i fell. >> reporter: trebek and his wife were staying at the san francisco marriott. he was in town to host the
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national geographic world championship in mountain view. the intruder in his room tuesday morning led to his tearing his achilles tendon. >> i knew immediately what happened, the snap and the sound. >> he called security and they arrested 56-year-old lucinda moyers as she left the hotel. she agreed to talk to abc 7 news off camera from jail. >> why do you think you were arrested? >> because of my record. maybe because it was alex trebek. i haven't done nothing or gone in his room or nothing. just like i said that night i wasn't in your room and i stick by that i was innocent it your phone. >> police found trebek's cell phone and wallet stashed by an ice machine near the hotel. >> we got most of our stuff back except for the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear, a bracelet my mother gave me many years guy so that is gone and the cash. >> reporter: the 72-year-old game show host is scheduled to have surgery to repair that
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achilles tendon on friday. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. governor brown vetoed a bill this week that would have kept adult daycare centers operational throughout the state. another bit of fallout from california's budget troubles these days. nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> once the model for the nation to keep the elderly and disabled out of expensive nursing homes, california will cease to offer adult day healthcare on december 1. the legislature completely eliminated funding and governor brown vetoed a proposal this week for a replacement program that could have helped about 35,000 of the neediest clients. 80-year-old kay wolt won't be able to live i independently in months to figure out what she will do. >> i think that is a -- the governor should have signed it. >> reporter: about 95% of the y done sowill close. statewide, leaving one of the state's most vulnerable
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residents in a lurch. >> we are a family. we love these people. >> reporter: the program director jill youngling can hardly hold back the tears. >> i think this is so sad that in the end of their life when they need us the most after they have made their contributions that we are not there for them. >> reporter: governor brown said without approval of the tax extensions he had to make more budget cuts to get the state's finances in order. >> the principal here is -- the principle here is that california does not have enough money to do all of the things that it has been doing and for years it has been living on false pretenses. mainly that there was more money than was available. the governor says the state is looking for other services to humanely help these people but most patients don't qualify for the programs which is why adult day healthcare was created in the first place. >> they are saying that all of these services are available and that is just garbage.
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if they go to a skilled nursing service or er or the hospital the cost to the taxpayers is going to be enormous. >> i don't want to go to a nursing home. i think that is the worst thing i could do. >> reporter: the california association for adult day services estimates as many as 87% would end up in emergency rooms within 90 days of adult day health services ending for things like preventible falls, medication mismanagement and other complications. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. two teenagers apparently confessed to starting a fire that gutted a trace elementary school -- gutted rather trace elementary school in san jose a year ago. the fire destroyed 16 classrooms and caused $16 million in damage. according to documents released to the mercury news the teenagers said they started the fire by using a blow torch on a
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garbage can and set fire to some card board. they are being tried as adults. no good deed ever goes unpunished should never be true but unfortunately today it3b(v. a man was shot in the head his wife and his children. he is now on life support. >> reporter: known simply as brother john and just about everyone out here knows him. at least once a week, brother john and his wife and their two young daughters pass out home cooked meals to east oakland's homeless. >> he used to stop right in the middle of the road and give you food. >> he came out here and feed us. fries and fried fish. >> the meal of fish served in the shadow of the bart tracks and out of the back of brother john's van may be his last and that could be the last man brother john ever helped. >> he passed by john's van and he stopped and backed up.
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then all of a sudden three shots and then i ducked and then two more shots. >> the shooter fired into the van with brother john and his family sitting inside. 29-year-old brother john was shot in the head and now clippings to life. his wife was grazed by a bullet. one daughter shot in the arm and the other not injured. police do not have a motive for a shooting they can only describe as senseless. >> they were just trying to do a goo good deed and feed people less fortunate than they were. >> reporter: few seem to know more about him except bill who has called the streets home for more than 20 years. once brother john looked for help from the one person he was there to serve. >> one time he was going stop because he said bill, i don't think they appreciate what i do for them. i said brother john, let me it tell something as long as one person appreciate what you do for them, that is good. >> today there was nothing but
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you appreciation for brother john and the kindness he showed for those who didn't often get it. appreciation and anger. >> he didn't have an enemy. that was a senseless clinging. >> reporter: brother john is still clinging to life on life support in oakland. police are not releasing his identity for his own safety. the shooter was driving a late model astro van and there is an award for an arrest in the case. a san francisco judge issued a tentative ruling that could strike a proposed ban on circumcision this fall. the judge has ordered it off the november ballot. however, a backer of the measure has filed a response to the ruling and oral arguments have been scheduled for tomorrow before a final ruling is issued so we shall see.
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some more local politics tonight. senator diane feinstein is making it clear who she would like to see run for mayor of san francisco a job she, of course, held years guy. even though interim mayor ed lee promised not to run and when took this job as carolyn tyler reports he is now considering. >> reporter: ed lee is out of the offense, in fact out of town. his ears must be burning. after signing the city budget the interim mayor announced he may want to continue in the job. he is considering running in november. alex clemons is a veteran political consultant. >> ed lee has had the best job in american politics for six months. he has been selected to run a great town. he has had none of the targets that politicians usually have on their backs. i think it will be an interesting change for him and the rest of the folks in the mayor's race if he declares. >> reporter: lee would break a promise he made to supervisors to not seek a full term.
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>> would you have voted for him if f you knew that he would try running? >> no, no, we all voted for ed lee and a large part of that was the premise that he wouldn't run for mayor come this november. >> reporter: supervisor farrell endorsed lee for mayor. a strategist for one of the frontrunners leland yi has a video reminder of lee's promise. >> you said you weren't going to run for mayor so you are definitely not running for mayor, is that what i heard? >> that's true, yes. >> at the giants white house ceremony earlier this week california's senior senator diane feinstein pushed lee to enter the race and say is "i realize many believe he made some sort of binding promise not to run but mayor lee should not be swayed by that sentiment. his responsibility is to the people of san francisco. ". his obligation and moral
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responsibility is to enter the race. >> michael breyer's group will begin running this commercial here on abc 7. >> leaving a different mayor's has to is getting results for san francisco. >> will he or won't he? >> ed lenos the answer to that question and everybody else is just guessing. >> reporter: the wait won't be much longer. the filing deadline is august 12. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. there is a lot more ahead this wednesday night on the news at 9:00. coming up, a backlash against blight. local banks get the blame for the big messes left behind in san jose's foreclosure crisis. the looming deadline on lifting the debt ceiling. who is telling the truth and who is stretching it? an abc 7 news fact check. i'm spencer christian. summer heat has arrived in the bay area and will take up residence for awhile. details in the accuweather forecast coming up. plus, the dog that glows in
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the dark. does it hold the
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in san jose today some angry people made an unusual bank betossity. instead of money their bags were loaded with trash. david louie reports on a protest over vacant foreclosed homes that have become dumping grounds. >> residents say they are fed up. some live here on sinbad avenue where foreclosed homes owned by banks become dumping grounds for trash. >> we had a lot of garbage and that makes the properties go down in prices and it is not fair for the people who live next to them. >> reporter: members of alliance for citizens of
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california bagged up the trash and delivered it to a branch of wells fargo bank, the trustee for the owner of the property. >> it is bad for the community waking up early and seeing all of the garbage and nobody is doing anything about it. >> san jose code enforcement officials issued three citations for the house most recently on friday for $1,000. bank of america is responsible for maintaining the property for wells fargo. code enforcement officials say the banks are slow to respond. >> the banks haven't for the most part. oft oen times it takes one or two citations to get the message to them that you are in san jose, you own property and you are expected to maintain your property and if you don't here of the consequences. >> reporter: san jose began cracking down onkbnç vacant property blight. the city added a second inspector toward vacant properties full time. bank of america told us our goal is to keep it up to neighborhood standards and
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promises to pay the fines and clean up the property within 48 hours. city officials need the public help to fight the blight. they are inviting the public to call the city when they see problems in the neighborhoods. we posted the number on our website. go to and click on see it on tv. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. yosemite now houses the largest solar installation at any national park. the solar project was dedicated today. it was completed in february. the project is installed at the park's administrative complex. it will supply about 12% of the park's total power consumption. roughly $50,000 a year. most of the into early $6 million funding for the work came from stimulus funds from washington. well, if you is solar panels at home this is a good time to use them. the next few days nice. spencer christian is here. >> that is true. and quite warm. we will see high temperatures in some inland areas near 100 degrees for the next couple of days. a live view from the high definition east bay hills
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camera looking towards the western sky$ñód still has a little bit of a glow although the sun did set some time ago. a little bit of coastal fog and low clouds beginning to move locally inland. this afternoon this is what it looked like. low clouds and fog stacked up against the coastline. area of counter clock wise circulation offshore. strong enough to pull the low clouds locally away from the coast. breaks along the coastline there. high temperatures on the coast today, 64. san francisco 62. half moon bay. 94 liver move. 91 clover dale. 94. it is warming up and we will continue to see the trend for a few days. right now mild in the inland east bay. 74 livermore. 75 and jock. 60 closer to the bay in oakland and 56 in san francisco. area of fog and low clouds will
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75 oakland to 85 at fremont. the inland east bay highs in the mid 90s. low to mid 90s for the most part but upper 90s as you move farther east towards brentwood where the high about le 97 and near monterey bay mid 70s near the bay and low to mid 90s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. by friday inland highs very close to 100. and warmest locations. and the heat will just gradually taper off. still have highs in the 90s right on through the entire inland -- inland through the entire seven day period. low to mid answer around the bay friday and saturday tapering off to upper 70s and mid to upper 60s on the coast. >> excellent. >> thanks, spencer. outrage. coming up, the backlash after airlines make a money grab from customers. exactly how much are they making? plus, why new research says a
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high tech way to detect breast
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cleanup underway after a freight train went off the tracks in southern, california. it happened in antelope valley. more than half of the 63 cars toppled off the tracks. hazmat crews were called in because there was concern that one of the trains was carrying chlorine that could be leaking. 100 homes in the area were evacuated as a precaution. turns out no leaks were found. well, it it is the summer travel season and major airlines are keeping a $200 million a week winfall from taxpayers. it is the last straw for travelers already paying fees for everything from bags to blankets and pillows.
9:24 pm
lisa stark has more. >> reporter: today at the airport, pass betters were surprised to learn -- passengers were surprised to learn that airlines were gobbling up money that they could have been saving on their tickets. >> it is not fair and they should do the right thing for their customers. >> reporter: congressional bickering has partially shut down the faa and since last friday the agency has not been collecting a host of government taxes that are included in every ticket. but instead of passing that savings along, most airlines w
9:25 pm
association for answers. >> isn't this really pulling a fast one over the passengers? you are raising taxes simply -- >> airlines regularly raise fares and adjust their pricing. is just the way the market works. >> the industry says it needs the extra money to stay profitable and argues passengers aren't paying more than they did a week ago. >> when the tax comes back are you going lower my fares so i'm still not paying more? >> i can't speak to future pricing initiatives. there is no way to tell. >> not every airline joined the party. alaska airlines for one is passing on the savings. >> we are trying to provide value for oukzw
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costs up to 15% more than a traditional mammogram according to researches who analyzed 1.6 mammograms for their study. the study published in the journal of the american national cancer institute found cad led to increased positive results and did not improve the rate of breast cancer detection. part of the problem may be that radiologists don't always use the technology to its full effect. last week, apple removed dvd drives from the mac mini computers and now ford is pulling the plug on cd players
9:27 pm
and opting to go with usb sockets instead to accommodate digital music players. ford is the first automaker to make the change from cds to digital music. no doubt others will follow. so what is all the fuss about? the opening of a new ikea outside denver. some people camped out for three days. and police had to direct traffic. even the governor attended. well, when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues here, the tex mex version of hiding a metal file inside a cape. plus, how did the umpire miss what everyone else clearly saw? house speaker john boehner blows his top at tea party diehards and tells them it is time to get moving but his words were a lot more colorful than that. plus, help arrives and so does
9:28 pm
hope. relief flights into somalia begin to ease. the worse humanitarian crisis on the
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good evening. we'll start this half hour in washington where the debt standoff continues. frustration is growing. house speaker john boehner feeling the pressure underleashed a thunderous tirade against the tea party republicans who have been bucking action. will it work? here is abc's jonathan karl. >> john boehner is cracking the whip. convened a meeting of 240 house republicans today.
9:31 pm
he had a blunt message for tea partyers. get your ass in line, he said, i can't do this job unless you are behind me. >> get you guys in line. >> we are team and about trying to move the country forward. >> reporter: the tough talk does appear to be working. it is not an easy sell. some of the tea partyers still just don't believe the dire warnings about government default. >> arm go ahead done happens at midnight august 3 is not the case. it is not true. >> reporter: just yesterday, kevin mccarthy urged republicans to unite behind boehner's plan by showing this clip from the movie the sound. >> i need your help. you can never ask me about it later and we are going to hurt some people. >> reporter: tea party republican allen west likes what he heard. >> i got up and told the speaker i will drive the car. >> the people in the movie then go out and start beating people and that has democrats crying foul? >> who are they planning to
9:32 pm
hurt? that clip from the town tells you anything you need to go their approach to negotiations over the debt ceiling. >> it is a movie. it is not reality. get a life. >> reporter: now, just days away from default they seem to be falling in line. >> you have to claim a win when you can claim a win. >> reporter: they may now support boehner's plan but don't count on them to support a compromise with democrats. >> are you willing to compromise more or is this it. in. >> republicans are still counting votes and don't know if they convinced enough tea party members to pass the bill. they think very have enough votes but it's going be close. in dueling speeches month night the president and speaker boehner laid out conditions for raising the debt limit. both men taking familiar positions and both men stretching the truth to make their case. mark matthews tonight with a fact check.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: in his 15 minute speech the president said raising the debt ceiling was routine. >> since the 1950s congress has always passed it and every president has signed it. president regan did it 18 times. >> fact check. every president since truman has signed but the size of the increase this time is hardly routine. the president's budget projects a $2.4 trillion increase in the debt. that is a trillion dollars more than any president has asked for ever. >> even when you adjust all of the earlier requests for inflation. the president also recycled a misleading democratic talking point. >> most americans regardless of political party don't understand how we can ask a senior citizen to pay more for her medicare before we ask a corporate jet owner or the oil companies to give up tax breaks that other companies don't get. >> gop lawmakers have reject the efforts to raise taxes on any one, even oil companieand jet own ares while advocating major reductions in the future
9:34 pm
growth of medicare spending but it is not accurate to assume that raising taxes on oil companies and high flying corporate big shots will do much to reduce the deficit. a commission figures that repealing oil and gas tax breaks would add just $36 billion over the next decades. about $39 billion total over ten years is about 4/10 of one percent of the $9.5 trillion in total deficit projected by the congressional budget office, raising to $1.2 trillion in added revenue that the president wants is going to take a lot more. in his speak, speaker boehner claimed this -- >> themgpresident is adamant that we cannot make fundamental changes to the entitlement programs. >> fact check, misleading. the president has bucked his own party for opposing a total ed in reductionsorth dakota
9:35 pm
over ten years. whether you consider that fundamental or not is a matter of opinion but the president was open to raising the eligibility of medicare from 65 to 6 p i 7 in 67 in exchange fr republicans agreeing to raise taxes. >> he wants a blank check today. this is not going to happen. >> fact check, that is not accurate. the obama administration has offered some where between 1.5 and $1.7 trillion in cuts in exchange for raising the debt limit. >> i want to thank our partners at tax they have more on the duel over the debt. find it by going to click on the politics page. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. one more note on this topic. abc 7 wants to hear how the economic downturn has personally changed or impacted our life. record your own story on your cell phone or digital camera and upload it to 7
9:36 pm we would like to hear from you and be able to tell that part of this story. so somalia which is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. the united nations has begun an emergency air lift of food and critical supplies. david muir at a refugee camp in kenya where 400,000 people desperate. >> we boarded the plane this morn. the harsh landscape we were about to land where hundreds of thousands already arrived by foot. some walking more than 100 miles bare foot in blistering heat carrying their children to food and freedom. the dust couldn't hide the dire need here that this is what they are walking to, hope for their children. today doctors without borders
9:37 pm
allowed the cameras into the intensive care unit. >> extraordinarily rare that it is actually raining right now as we walk through the hospital and around the corner here are the children who they are now you feeding. the children who have just come to the hospital for help. >> reporter: a hopeful moment where it is needed. we turn the corner where a mother and her 8 month old. her babies about blank stare. >> when the eyelids are closed like that this needs malnutritioning. a sign. >> this clinic worker listens to a baby girl's heartbeat. she and her sisters were starving. >> you watched them get better in front of your own eyes. have you seen him like this before? >> no. >> the pediatric surgeon from springingfield, illinois, now helping here. she showed us the babies after the special heating blanket even in the desert keeping her
9:38 pm
tiny body going. peanuts around milk powder saving lives one mini meal at a time. and there was this baby. while we could see only the outline of her fragile body, the hospital director saw something else. she was sitting up for the first time and she has gained a whole pound. it is fantastic. >> the third day and you can say that she is going to be okay. >> yes, she will be okay. >> david muir reporting. in south core re. massive flooding caused 36 deaths including ten college students doing volunteer work near seoul. a mud slide engulfed the building that they were staying in. others died after mud crashed through their homes. it has been raining heavily for more than three weeks there now. back here, in old movies an inmate gets a metal file smuggled into his jail cell.
9:39 pm
real life you get a guard who smuggled hack saw blades and taco shells to help an inmate apparently. alfred casa gave the saw to a double murder suspect in exchange for prescription pain kellers. co-get up to 20 years in prison depending on what the jury decides. coming up next, a bird that became the face of evolution may not be a bird after all. and new zealand's earthquake in february, the critters that  [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours!
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what is supposedly the oldest and most primitive bird on earth might not have been a bird after all. this was discovered in 1861 in germany two years after charles darwin published on the origin of the species. with his wings like a bird but teeth and tail of a dinosaur it quickly became an icon for evolution. now, but studying a new fossil researchers in china say it should be knocked off the bird branch and classified as a bird like dinosaur. it leaves paleontologists in an awkward position. they now have to find another bird to base the story of bird life. scientists in monterey had a story about how a pair of goldfish in new zealand were able to survive 134 days without food and power. the fish were left behind when their owners were forced behind
9:44 pm
four months ago. the owners were only allowed back in this month and found the fish okay. a biologist at the monterey bay aquarium says bacteria may have kept the water clean and the fish probably ate alge to stay alive. six were originally in the tank, two found alive and one dead and no trace of the other three. that awful blunder. just ahead, how do you apologize for this? the news
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9:47 pm
update you on the breaking story at top of the broadcast. a furious police chase in pursuit of two murder suspects believed to be armed. we now have reports that the car has been stopped at a central valley city of lathrop near interstate 5 and 205 and at least one person is in custody. the chp tells us the suspects are wanted in connection with murders in east palo alto. the chase went from union city north on 880 to oakland and then 980, 580 to livermore to i-5. reports the car has been stopped scrub updates to come. forecast one last time this
9:48 pm
hour. spencer christian with that. >> start with a time lapse view from the high definition mount tam camera looking down on to the bay and you can see a finger of fog and low clouds through the golden gate there. not much of a marine layer but it is beginning to spread locally inland and will burn back to the coast tomorrow and we will have really warm weather in the inland areas. highs reach mid 90s at livermore, antioch, fairfield. 94 clover dale. 97 clear lake. 94 degrees expected in morgan hills tomorrow. and statewide things heating up as well. high temperatures approaching and ex-siding the 100-degree mark in the central valley tomorrow and here we are with the accuweather seven-day forecast. inland highs by friday almost at 100 degrees in the warmest locations and highs around the bay in the mid 80s up to 70 on the coast and then just a gradual tapering off with the warm weather hanging on through the seven day period. summer is here. >> whenever you think you have
9:49 pm
had a bad day,er this. a big baseball game goes 19 innings, more than 6 hours and because of you the call that ends the thing is wrong. here is josh elliott. >> reporter: it was an umpire's worst nightmare. anód#9 unquestionably bad cale at the most inopportune time. >> and they got him. no, he called safe! clear. the collision. and the tag. it except jerry neal, the only man whose opinion matter. >> he called it safe. you have got to be kidding me. >> reporter: no sooner had he got ten all wrong, a fact he would later admit that we heard the cry for in tan instant rep. while replay has found a home in profootball, baseball continues to mostly cling to its roots when only man,
9:50 pm
however, foulable judge balls and strikes, safes and outs, fair and foul. something jim joyce knows all too well. no, he's safe! >> when called cleveland's jason donald safe with one out to go in a game last june, it cost detroit pitcher armando gallaraga a perfect game and a place in history. joyce, like neills today was left to make peace with his guess. so gallaraga's forgiven largely spared the public outcry. as we saw last night, it is the rare times when the boys in the blue get it wrong and so in firey action, appropriate for just a game that we are reminded how much we care. how great and thrilling and soul crushing our past time can be, all in the same inning.
9:51 pm
>> sure can. josh elliott reporting. the umpire again today says he got it wrong. that was a tough bad call to make. hard to imagine, larry. >> well, as the pirates come up one game shy of make the playoffs. that would be even worse. they need replay in some form with limited use. >> such egregious cases like this. >> baseball moves slowly on these kinds of ventures. giants not moving slowly. a major move in their quest to win another world series. is carlos beltran the
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
coming up tonight at a 1:11, the latest on the breaking news. live at the scene in the central valley where a high speed chase in pursuit of murder suspects has come to an end. one suspect now in custody. we'll have the latest on what happened. and a half price home lottery. five lucky families will end up with the best deal in the bay area. those stories and more in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. everybody is excited about this deal giants have made. >> this is bold. they are going for it. the giants sending a loud and clear message the goal is for world champion and they agreed to give up one of the top pitching prospects. carlos beltran from the mets. top offensive player available. hitting .289.
9:55 pm
15 homers. a league leading 30 doubles. the giants desperate for offense. healthy beltran can contribute meetly to the cause. he has a no trade clause in his contract but>úuw 2-0 heed. costly early in the bottom of the 7th. routine infield pohojq
9:56 pm
the indians scored on an error in the first and that is why the final was 3-1. still a no-no. check out the a's. the arrow is pointing at eric sogard. trying to toss the sun flower seeds into his mouth. not great hand eye coordination there. opposite explosion for the a's against the rays. tagging starting pitcher scott shields for ten runs in four
9:57 pm
innings. sizemore two-run triple to make it 9-0. matsui, sigh naira means goodbye. matsui as one loyal a's fan put it tonight an unstoppable juggernaut of awesome. gave him the silent treatment and then cheered him on. a's leading 13-3 in the ninth. the 49ers are said to be interested in the quarterback free agent. the price tag is going to be high. as mike shumann man reports the rest of the raiders are getting ready. >> we are back. back to business and back to playing football. >> with that said the raiders 2011 training camp has officially begun. players arrive in napa for physicals and meetings and will hit the ground running tomorrow for their first practice. >> we got to ease into the
9:58 pm
practice. we are going to start off fast and we got to get into we have a preseason game in two weeks so we got to get going. >> the raiders will practice only once a day for the first week until they get a full 90 man roster. without mini camps and otas this off condition it is hard to get in football shape. >> i don't think there is nothing you can do, for me, just conditioning and working out mostly and things you get from practice. >> i'm going push the defense and offense and special teams and push our coaches. we going to create something great. >> that is greatness that the raiders will start with a quarterback jason campbell. >> it is time for jason to take the next step. i talk about it all the time. i truly believe in jason campbell. i think he will play some tremendous football. i think he is prepared. i see a different look in his eye. >> coach jackson is red ready to put his stamp on the raiders
9:59 pm
ability. >> the first preseason game just 15 days away. the raiders official bullying begins tomorrow with their first day of practice. i'm mike shumann, abc sports. want some more? i didn't think so. [ laughter ] >> don't get shu angry, you won't like him when is angry. more news from ex-raiders. quarter back agreed to terms with the bengals. carson palmer wants out. kwiatkowski spent the last two years with oakland. i don't think so, you don't want any more of me. oh, thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for larry beil, spencer christian i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time.


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